Friday, May 1, 2009

As if there were any question...

I'm sure there are people out there who doubt Mathias' paternity. In this day and age, who wouldn't? Well, the facts are in and Hubby has nothing to worry about: Mathias like avacado.

I don't like avacado. Period. And don't tell me I haven't given them a chance. Every year or so, I'll sample some avacado or guacamole and every year or so it is the same: My life is much more pleasant without it.

Go ahead and roll your eyes, muttering under your breath "What a genetic freak!" because that is exactly my point. I, being genetically disposed to dislike avacado, could never have a child who likes avacado unless the father likes avacado, which Hubby definitely does. Proof for all you doubters out there.

Anna, by the way, does not like avacado. I, being the forbearing, loving, generous woman that I am, tried to introduce it to her at about the same age and she gagged on her first mouthful and didn't let me give her any more. Even now, she only eats it for the salt Hubby sprinkles on it for her. In fact, most of the time, she licks the salt off and asks for more. And it just goes to prove that she is my daughter, no matter how much she would like to deny it.

Hubby should now be happy, not only because he can be absolutely sure that Mathias is his son, but because now there is more reason for us to buy avacados.


Delirious said...

They say your tastes change every 7 years. So keep trying it every so often. ;)

Cailean said...

I know what you mean! While I do love avocados, there are some foods they could easily use on Fear Factor for me because I couldn't fathom eating them! It's nice to have a child take after us so I'm glad you each have your mini-me. :)

Laurel said...

I don't think liking avacado is genetic. I obviously share an aweful lot of genes with Karl but I sure didn't get that one! I don't like it at all. I can tolerate it with salt, but mostly just lick it off. I buy them for Garrison and Justen. They both love it and they don't like salt on them. So, that must be one major gene K and I don't share. Glad Mathias likes it though, it's supose to be super nutritious.