Monday, March 9, 2009

No Cow Chow

Let's start this out by saying that I am not a vegetarian. I have nothing against vegetarians, I just like to eat meat. ("Mmmmm...this dead cow tastes good": A direct quote from an Elementary school assembly.)

However, I am trying to include more vegetarian meals in our diet to cut down on our consumption of meat. So far, I have found a few recipes that delight our tastebuds, satiate our stomachs, and are full of healthy vegies. But I need more!!! And to prime the pump, here are some of my favorites:

Vegetable Quesadillas
Roasted Vegetable Curry
Navajo Stew

So, do any of you have any great vegetarian recipes? If so, please provide a link in your comment (if it is online). Thanks!


Jeanerbee said...

Oh I have a yummy one with Quinoa and one with Tofu... I'll have to see if I can find them!

JackJen said...

We all really love tibbouleh. Also, a great way to have a vegetarian meal is to make pizza! We have pizza night once a week, and it never fails to be the meal where we have the most variety/volume of cool veggies! Last week, we piled the pizza with pesto, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, red peppers, and spinach....and we had grapes and cucumber on the side.

Fromagette said...

Jen, how do you do the spinach for the pizza? I assume fresh, but how do you prepare it? Chop it? Leave it whole?

Oh, my favorite pizza to make right now has a red sauce base, mozzerela, and pesto, crumbled fresh goat cheese and mushrooms for toppings. Yum!

Elizabeth said...

I asked my vegetarian co-workers and they suggested and The Moosewood Cookbook.

Cailean said...

We are mostly vegetarian - the joy of eating without meat is that you will grow to not miss it at all. You can take almost any recipe and adapt to be vegetarian. Mushrooms and beans are great replacements. Soup, chili, pizza, quiche, Mexican, Italian, etc. In general I'd go to Allrecipes and Martha Stewart for great ideas!!!

Laurel said...

I wish I could help on this one, but every recipe I can thing of starts with Brown bacon and onion.... You get the idea, or it starts with lighting the grill. Yikes I suddenly realized we eat to much meat! The only two things I'm even coming up with is 7 layer bean dip, bean burritos, and egg buritos. That actually seems kinda sad to me that every meal we eat is centered around meat. I guess it's a good thing we have a bunch of it in the backyard.

Fromagette said...

Laurel, I like the meat in your backyard. It certainly has helped us to vary what meat we do consume!

Jeanerbee said...

Oh I forgot about pizza! I actually puree spinach and put it on as a green sauce underneath the tomato sauce (this way Eli still eats it). Also, marinate some giant portobello mushrooms, then grill, then serve it up like a hamburger in a whole wheat bun with all the fixins!