Friday, March 20, 2009

Hungry Little Monster

Mathias has been eyeing our plates. Well, more than eyeing. He'll grab them, grab our arms as we try to ferry food to our mouths, and do what ever it takes to get some food for himself.

Once, he was successful (Thanks to Hubby). (He is eating some boiled potato.)

And then there is this. **WARNING** The following video contains gratuitous face sucking.

Ah, my little boy is so cute!


Liz Johnson said...

Oh man, that face sucking video has me cracking up. HILARIOUS.

Cailean said...

He is so cute and getting so big! How fun to watch him and hear Anna too. I love this age. Lucy has also been very eager to eat our food - she will moan and bounce until we give her bites and if she likes it she'll grab the fork or spoon. And I think that face-sucking is instinctual because I've seen animals do it!

LizzyP said...

Good thing he's not biting your face yet. I'll bet that won't make you giggle.