Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goodbye, Old Friend

Today I lost a good friend, a friend that was with me throughout college, that strengthened me in times of sorrow, that helped me deal with the stresses of life and school, that taught me to dance in the face of challenge. Goodbye, dear Panasonic SA-AK75.


Oh, Panasonic, you were more than just a stereo to me. You were my graduation present to me (I'm so happy!). I paid for you with my own hard earned money.

I carried you lovingly to my first year of college where you happily adorned my dorm room, bringing joy into the stressful atmosphere of college life. Through you, and Bridget, I was introduced to Paper Moon and Beautiful South. With you, we jammed to Mr Wendel, Bare Naked Ladies, The Police, and many others. You woke us up with the "wake-up music", though I forget what cd we used for that purpose.

After that first year, the only time I was apart from you was during my 18 month mission for the LDS church in France. While I knew you were in the careful care of my sister, I was so happy to be reunited with you. You observed my relationship with Hubby grow and eventually moved in with us when we got married.

From there you moved to Seattle with us and help alleviate the days, weeks, and months of unemployed boredom. You played my favorite tunes as well as audio recordings of books. You graced our living space with elegance and music. You even put up with little fingers pushing your buttons, especially when those little fingers inadvertently fixed small wiring issues.

Panasonic, eventually your age began to show. Your buttons became rheumatic, your system erratic. Still, I loved you. You patiently put up with Signing Time, Veggietales, and Sesame Street music. You did everything we asked you to do without complaint. But the time came for us to part.

Today you were picked up by your new family. To be honest, I tried to sell you, but your worth is beyond price and you were given away to a family that needs you much more than mine needs you. (Thanks Craig's List.) We will miss you so much. No, an ipod and laptop will never replace your magnificent speakers. We will think of you often, especially anytime I hear "Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you...". Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.
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Ketchesons said...

I'm in tears

Elizabeth said...

I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye!

(Follow up to "I'm so happy" allusion)
Nobody's that heartless!

Bridget said...

NOOOOOO! I loved that thing. Wake-up music was that Sarah Brightman CD. You know, for all the groups you learned to love from me, I learned a few from you, too (including SB).

I hope it likes its new home. I still think about that player every once in a while. Remember when we put Offenbach on repeat at top volume?

Cailean said...

Loved Mr. Wendel! What a lovely tribute :)