Monday, June 14, 2010

Nothing is ever as you expect

In my last post, I was rather optimistic that my managing days were over and that the a life of peace and happiness was ahead of me. No such luck. It took a MONTH for them to find a replacement and I was stupid enough to offer to continue to work until they found a new manager or the end of March, which ever came first. Now that I'm not having nightmares about what happened (I really did have a few), I'll tell you the story.

March 1st: We were in process of evicting someone in the building. I got a call that day from a family member of the tenant involved saying he was at the building to pick up the tenant and would I please open the front door. I did so and stayed around until they left. And left they did: everything that was in the apartment. I didn't dare go near the apartment until several days later, and then only with someone with me. The place was filthy and was basically a drug house.

I almost quit right then, but I have an overactive sense of duty and I couldn't just abandon them. I did, however, refuse to clean anything in the apartment. The maintenance crew picked up all the needles, a junk removal company cleaned out the junk, and a cleaning company did the cleaning.

Wait a minute, you might say, did you just say needles? How many needles could their be? 10? 50? Try this:

Yes, that is the bathtub. Yes, it is full. No, no one believed me that it was as bad as I said it was, not even my property manager or the company that disposed of all of them for us. A friend of mine who works for the police department told her boss who thought "Yeah, sure. I'm sure the bottom of the tub is covered, but that's it." HA!

It is only got worse, if that is possible. We had fresh needles showing up in the parking garage for a while. Then the former tenants druggie friends were kind enough to break into every single storage unit in the garage and steal from a couple of them. Then a week later THEY STARTED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!! They only stopped when we changed the locks on all the outside doors.

And then they finally found a new manager and I was thrilled! And a week or so after that I finally turned my keys in. Oh, what a happy day that was!

What have I been doing since that blessed day? Trying not to have nightmares and spending plenty of time outside in our yard. I'll try to post more soon, if I can.


Bridget said...

Oh my gosh, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Disgusting! I'm so glad you're out of that whole situation now!

Delirious said...


Jeanerbee said...

Yeah, that reminds me of some of the crap homes I had to visit on CPS cases back in the day... that is really sick. Sorry you had to deal with that and SO GLAD you are done with it!

Belkycita said...

Oh wow! didn´t know it was THAT bad!
I´m glad it´s over and you can just try and forget about it.

We hope to see you in July :-)

Bethany said...

That is appalling. I'm shocked.

Julie said...

Wow- you must be so glad to be done with that! I can't even imagine!

I thought it was bad when the people who lived above us in our old apartment would smoke and throw their cigarette butts over the balcony and onto our front doorstep. You would probably have loved to deal with our problem in comparison!