Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ha ha!

This post needs a bit of explanation. And it can be summed up in two statements:

1. I have never successfully pulled off an April Fool's joke.
2. Hubby takes long, long showers (especially when he is tired).

Here is the story. This morning after Hubby had gotten up and started his shower, I was lying in bed wishing that I wasn't so tired. Then inspiration struck, hard. It dawned on me that it was April Fool's Day and that if I changed all the clocks in our apartment (or at least the ones Hubby would look at) to be about 45 minutes ahead, I could tell Hubby that he had been in the shower for an hour.

After I had changed the clocks, I peeked my head in the bathroom and told Hubby that he couldn't stay in the shower forever. I then went and got Anna out of bed and then went into the bathroom to brush our teeth. That's when I let the bomb drop and told him that he had been in the shower for an hour, that it was 8:30 and he had better hurry. I of course started to smile at this point, but that was easily covered up by turning to get my toothpaste and shoving my toothbrush into my mouth. I also told Hubby that I had fallen back to sleep and that Anna had slept in (which she did, but only until 7:45). All through breakfast I ribbed him, telling him that he must have been tired and asking whether or not there would be enough hot water for me to shower with. Everything went perfectly until he took his cell phone out of his pocket to make sure that he wouldn't miss the 9:16 bus. I started to giggle and said "April Fool's!" Fortunately, he wasn't too annoyed. We both laughed and I've gotten a kick out of telling people how I got Hubby. Some other time I'll have to post about the Valentine's day lasagna.


Delirious said...

lol that is funny! I did two things for April Fools:
1. When I made my kids' lunches, I put in a small snack bag with unpopped popcorn and uncooked egg noodles. :)
2. When I went to teach piano to the spanish congregation, I wrote "Piano Performance Day" on the chalkboard. They were all looking nervous until I said, "April Fools!" :)

Delirious said...

You might be interested, I began to get in to religious discussions with other bloggers both on their blogs, and on mine. I sort of felt like putting my religious posts on my regular blog took away from the sacredness of the religious subjects. Also I wasn't happy when my goofy posts pushed my religious ones off the page. For this reason, I started a third blog. :) My new one is only to discuss religion. Check it out: http://mormonchristianity.blogspot.com