Friday, March 21, 2008

Nuance of Language

I've been wanting to post something about this ever since Hubby and I had a slight disagreement about a month ago. Our disagreement was based on Hubby's use of a word that I felt did not fully communicate what he was trying to say, or that it was misleading in some way. Unfortunately, I have this issue quite regularly because I don't feel that Hubby has a complete grasp of the nuance of language. (This could come from living in Germany for much of his young life.)

In any case, this "disagreement" really highlighted the fact that I love the meaning of words and that I'm a little, ummm, exuberant when it comes to using words correctly. (I'll do the same thing with grammer as well.) Why am I this way? I don't know. I've always loved reading and English, though I prefer editing to writing (I almost made Hubby cry when I edited his Letter of Intent for grad school, but that's another story.) My mother also loved writing and reading, though she studied Microbiology in college. And my sister (older and perhaps a little bossy) is an English teacher, which can explain quite a bit. But what it all boils down to is a love for words and using words correctly.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that my vocabulary is not very extensive, as I may have led you to believe. Along with an obsessive insistance on the correct use of words is a fear of using words incorrectly. So I tend to use the generic, everyday type of words in my speech with a few "superfluouses" and "acquiescents" scattered here and there, properly used, of course. Every time I use a word that has just the right nuance, I get this warm feeling inside that just makes me want to use more "big" words, but, of course, only if I use them correctly.

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Elizabeth said...

Well, what is this about having an older sister who is "perhaps a little bossy?" That's ridiculous!