Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh where, oh where has my little boy gone?

Yesterday was a momentous day in our family. We lost our cute little cherubic, surfer dude little boy. This is was he looked like:

Isn't he adorable? I loved his sunbleached, angelic curls, but they was starting to get long. Well, they would on an almost two year old who has never had his hair cut. So, we decided to take the plunge.

The night before, we got the clippers out and let Mathias play with the guards, hold the clippers, and feel what it is like when it is on. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and we once again got the clippers out, this time to cut Hubby's hair. Then we asked Mathias if it was his turn. He said yes.

Oh, where is my cute little boy!? (Yes, I know he is still cute, but I so miss those curls.)


Delirious said...

Oh my gosh...has it been 2 years already?! The new haircut is cute, but the curls were too. :)

inkylou said...

I'm impressed at how well he's holding still; and I think he's adorable with either hairstyle. :)