Friday, June 12, 2009


So, I went to grind some corn in my Nutrimill this morning (for cornbread). I poured the corn in, turned it on and it just didn't sound right.

I stopped it, fiddled with the dial a bit, and turned it on again. Still didn't sound right.

Fiddled with it some more. Still didn't sound right and then stopped making any sound at all. Ummm, not good. Especially when there is smoke coming out of the back.

WHAT DO I DO!?! HOW DO I SURVIVE WITHOUT MY GRINDER!?! (at least until I can find a Bosch store in the area who's phone is not answered by a fax machine.)


inkylou said...

I feel your frustration! Hope you find a valid store soon. Can I have some of the cornbread when it's done? :)

Elizabeth said...

How do you survive? You have your sister visit you and bring hers so you can stock up! Duh!