Sunday, January 25, 2009

Robbing the Rich to Feed the Poor

Friday my W2 forms came and I just got this itch to prepare my tax return. Yes, I am crazy, but I love watching my refund in Turbo Tax jump up and up. Friday night was no different, and, when I had finished with what forms I had, a line from Disney's Robin Hood kept running through my mind. I wish I had the software to get just the part I want, but if you go to 1:15, you'll find it.

I'm still giddy from doing taxes and will be at least until our "refund" comes. (Funny they call it a refund when most of what they are giving us we never paid in the first place.) Ah, the blessings of being poor with kids at tax time. And thanks to Mathias for being born last year!

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