Monday, December 22, 2008

(Please Don't) Let it Snow!

I love snow. Really, I do. Even despite dire predictions of friends in Utah that I would soon tire of it (I was from California and therefore only liked snow because it was a novelty), I still love snow. And then this last weekend happened. This is the view from our window as of this morning.

And here is the view of the park from our roof deck.

Over the last few days we have gotten over a half a foot of snow. And it sure is beautiful. There are, however, just a few problems. First, church was canceled (yes, we here in the greater Seattle area are pansies). Second, there are no tire chains to be had, "not even for ready money"(Act I, scene 1). Third, there is not deicing salt to be had. Forth, and by far the worst, we've had to cancel our Christmas travel plans. Yes, that's right. We were planning on spending Christmas with my in-laws, but with deep (ok, ok, we're pansies) snow here and very icy roads there and no chains to be had for our new car, we just can't risk it. I am very disappointed as this was to be the first Christmas we spent with them. However, I am excited to have Christmas on our own, if only because Anna's present was too big to travel with us if we had gone. I can't wait to see her face when she comes into the living room and sees it sitting under the tree. So, I'm a little mad at snow right now. You know, the kind of mad you get with someone you love, where it doesn't change how you feel about them, but you are still angry with what they did. I still love snow. The crunch of booted feet...

... the chill and brightness of the air, the way snow sits on everything that stays still for even a moment, and most of all, the way it falls so gracefully to the ground.

Merry Christmas and may you all travel safetly.


Bridget said...

Way to look at the bright side. We're having Christmas by ourselves, too, and it's just as well since it seems like so many people's travel plans have become impossible!

You're not pansies. For the area of the country in which you live, this is a big deal. :)

Cailean said...

You're not pansies at all! People in places with more snow understand how Seattle is because of the hills. Although they need way more plows, etc. We also can't see family for Christmas because of the snow and the fact that we've had two incidents with our cars in three days due to slippery roads. No more driving for us until it's gone.

Liz Johnson said...

I'm so sorry. After driving in the one break from snow that we've had for two weeks, I can say that you're making a VERY good call. Even though it wasn't snowing, the roads are too scary. Maybe it'll become a fun tradition. :) Merry Christmas!