Friday, May 23, 2008

Count your blessings...

Hubby and I manage an apartment complex as a way to live comfortably in an expensive city while on a student budget. We feel that we were very lucky with the place that we found and have been working here for almost two years.

Yesterday, I was talking to our property manager about some rent increases, and she made the comment that perhaps we need to increase them even more because we have absolutely no trouble filling vacant apartments. Well, that got me to thinking, as it has many times recently, and I really don't think it has anything to do with what we charge for rent, the state of the building, or even our skill as managers. But how do you explain that you think that building stays full because God is blessing you?

I really do feel blessed because of how things are going here in our building. Our pay is determined by how many people pay on time, and over the year and a half that we have been on that payment plan, we have fewer and fewer people paying late. Also, we get a bonus if we are able to rent apartments within a week of vacancy. We have only missed 3 or 4 in the whole time that we have been renting apartments, and we've had quite a few vacancies. In fact, we had three people give notice this month and already they are rented. Honestly, how could God not be blessing us? We certainly aren't the best managers ever. We make our mistakes. But we still have a full building and our property manager wonders how we are able to do it.

All of this makes me want to continue to pay tithing forever and to accept all church responsibilities that come my way. Now, I've never really had a problem with those things, but seeing how much we are blessed right now just confirms to me that those things, among others, really do make a difference in our lives.

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